Intuitive Painting

Producing works of art that are guided exclusively by one’s intuition is a process that can both induce and relieve a great deal of emotions. The nature of this process forces the artist to assume an uncontrolled, nonjudgmental and unconditionally accepting position. Unlike all of my other projects, intuitive painting is absolutely uncalculated, organic and surprising each time. There are no mistakes to be made with this process, as every mark that is made is a direct line of communication with the soul of the artist.

 There are no concepts that are established before diving into the creation process – instead, the focus is directed towards easing the mind, connecting the heart with the hand, and allowing your intuition to lead the process. One may never know what sort of imagery will be produced at the end of an experience.

 Each brush stroke is an emotion channeled into the paint, allowing for various energies to take on a tangible form. Each completed piece describes a different experience, reflected upon during the production process. These paintings frequently depict an internal conversation—often one that takes place without words, but rather with feeling and heightened sensory awareness. Memories resurface sometimes, while other times I focus only on my breathing and bodily sensations while addressing a targeted emotion.

 One might wonder, how do you know if you’ve completed a piece without having established what you want the end result to look like? This, I have found, is the most difficult part of the process – disconnecting from the experience and deciding not to revisit it.

 The only answer I have established for myself is this: I know it is time to stop working when I feel lighter in spirit, like I’ve reached a conclusion or a comfortable place where my intuition can rest until the time comes to start a new painting again.

Acrylic Paint, Alcohol Ink on Tile (2015)