The Playground

This body of work was created in collaboration with two twin brothers: Emery and Teodor StantonPerrin. Emery and Teodor are two years old, and have just entered The Scribble Stage of drawing, as defined by Viktor Lowenfeld. This is the first stage of drawing, and it depicts a record of enjoyable kinesthetic activity and the child’s first experiences with using the imagination. Circles are drawn first because it is the most natural anatomically – a fascinating consistency among all works created by this age group.

  After painting the background, I invited the StantonPerrin brothers to express freely on the paintings using markers. Then I collected the paintings and pulled images from the marks created by the boys—beginning first with white acrylic paint, which allowed for the marker ink to mix with the final layer of paint. The resulting landscape speaks to the imagination in its earliest form: an open format to explore, play and pretend within.

Collaborative work by Jess Landau, Teodor StantonPerrin, Emery StantonPerrin
30×40 Panels, Acrylic Paint, Washable Marker (2015)