The beginning and the end of our collective experiences are universal, and this fact keeps us connected to one another indefinitely. Likewise, our unique experiences define who we are in life separately, as individuals. There is an overwhelming desire to be independent in our culture, while interpersonal connection and a sense of belonging is necessary for survival. This paradox is fascinating, and is the driving force behind this body of work.

  Each moment we encounter in life should be treasured as it occurs, because the present moment is all that we can be certain is true. If we alter our memories each time we recall them, our own ever-changing perspectives distort our realities. When we define ourselves by a collection of retrieved memories, our entire identities seem uncertain in this context.
  As our memories change and our identities evolve, growth occurs. Life is fragile and temporary, and it should be cradled in the palms of our hands—which is the process that I engaged with as I delicately created each of these works manually, with my hands.

Eggshells, Liquid Emulsion (2014)