In order to better understand the self, it is often necessary to begin by observing the environments we submit ourselves to. Person-Bedroom was created with these efforts in mind: It is a collection of those who I considered to be my closest companions at the time, pictured in their private spaces. Each portrait acts as a study of the subject and their interests. From the way they maintain their spaces to what items they own, every detail holds information about the structure of each subject’s personality. Likewise, the process of photographing each subject independently was equally as significant and revealing. Behaviors and habits are simply fascinating.

  Related to the popular psychology debate about nature versus nurture, it is exciting to consider how much of our environment shapes the person that we become. By observing the relationship between the most significant people in my life and their most comfortable spaces, not only do I give myself the opportunity to better realize what external factors have assisted with crafting their character, but I may also better understand my own disposition as well. These subjects impacted me regularly, contributed to the development of my psyche, and inevitably altered my perspectives over time. The subjects’ environments impacted the subject, and in turn the subject impacted me.

  Producing Person-Bedroom was a systematic and meticulous process of trying to capture an otherwise abstract system of events that typically occurs unobserved.

Digital Inkjet (2013)