With the ability to forget comes a massive desire to remember. Lesser details are quickly forgotten unless written down. Handwriting is precious – it shows the writer’s character, and its content describes a moment in time that is retiring into memory with every passing second. Time weighs on us all, and mankind will forever replicate the illusion of permanence in order to preserve comfort. Dwelling on what we have can hinder us from accepting that it will be lost; creatures of the earth and the things that they produce will disintegrate and discover new forms with time. The moment shared with a temporary item—while recognizing its impermanence—is a precious moment indeed.

  With this series, I am attempting to accept impermanence by capturing it in a form that is massively valuable to me. This series depicts a collection of letters that my grandmother had written to me before she stopped writing letters altogether. She would never notice the beauty in her writing that I am absolutely captivated by; her lines were recorded passively and her words were chosen with ease. Her letters are suspended in a transparent acrylic medium, weightless in both time and space—intended to mirror the fleeting quality that is inherent in the transient moments we shared by exchanging letters together.

  Remembrance is a tribute to a selfless soul who is perfectly content with being unknown by most of the world. In a world where an overwhelming amount of the population is striving to be known, to be significant and to impact humanity in remarkable proportions, homage to a quiet soul is long overdue.

Acrylic Lift, Hemp, Wood (2013)